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Athletics & Self Defense

Why PreciseASD

Suitable for Beginners & Advanced Clients

A Flexible Schedule that You Create

Personal Guidance

& Attention

Focused on Strengthening Your Body & Mind

Tracking &


Certified Personal Trainer

& WT Instructor

The Ultimate Method to Transform Your Life

Precise ASD is about training with a purpose. My aim is to improve the way your body works, extend your longevity and teach you the skills of effective self-defense. By improving your endurance, increasing flexibility, and focusing on functional strength you are not only on your way to looking great but you will also become a more capable human being.

Most us have learned a majority of our skill sets in a group environment and although it has some advantages, at Precise Athletics, I take a different approach to skill building. By focusing primarily on one-on-one and semi-private training I have the ability to teach at a high level of detail, improve specific strengths, correct individual weaknesses, and work at a pace that is right for each client.


Everyone learns differently, moves differently, and understands in their own way.

I embrace this. Although we are all working to reach the summit, no two paths are exactly alike and my goal is to find the most effective one for you!

Personal Training Maximizes Results!

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