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Everything You Need To Transform Your Life


The Art of

Wing Tsun Kung Fu

Who is This For


The Martial Art Enthusiast

or Bruce Lee Admirer!

Let's admit it who hasn't wished they could learn Kung Fu on a mountain top or

move like the "Little Dragon".

We won't teach you on a mountain top but

we will teach you the style that became

Bruce Lee's combat base and the one that

was introduced to the masses by

his famed instructor,

Grandmaster Ip Man.

Wing Tsun is a practical self-defense style grounded in principles of economy of motion, borrowing the opponents force, & simultaneous attack and defense.

What We Offer:

Complete Wing Tsun System

3 Empty Handed Forms, Chi Sau Sparring Sequences & Applications, Wooden Dummy Form, Chi Gerk & Applications. *If qualified the

WT Weapons: Luk Dim Bun Gwan

(Long Pole) and Baat Jaam Do (Double Knives) will also be offered. 

Official CWTAA Curriculum

PreciseASD is an official branch of the

City Wing Tsun Athletic Association under Sifu Alex Richter (The Kung Fu Genius) in New York City. We follow a standardized curriculum aimed at giving you a rock solid foundation as well as a path to Wing Tsun Mastery.

We Track Your Progress

Every active student has an official curriculum card for their current level. We mark your progress & you will have ample testing opportunities to level up as your skills continue to improve!

Wing Tsun Info


Who is This For


Those Who Want to Have

A Plan of Attack

(when needed)

Have you ever been

grabbed suddenly or

felt uncomfortable around

someone who was acting

a little too out of control?

Conflict is a part of life & in the best case scenario it can be diffused quickly and will
not escalate into physical violence. However, far too many times this is simply not the case.

So, if or when you have to deal with this situation it's a good idea to have some

self-defense strategies
in place and be in good enough physical condition to execute them effectively.

This course is designed for

those who would like to learn how to resolve some of the most common self defense situations without learning the complete Wing Tsun system

( No Chi Sau, Forms, Weapons, etc ).

What We Offer:

50 Lesson

Self Defense Course:

[5 Topics w/ 10 Lessons]

1. Basics & Fundamentals*
2. Headlocks & Vital Situations
3. Pre-Chokes & Bear Hugs
4. Specific Situations
5. Anti-Ground Fighting 

* Basics & Fundaments must be completed first. Then student is free to learn the other Self Defense Topics in any order they choose.

We Track Your Progress

Every student has an official curriculum card for each topic. It divides the lessons into skills and provides you

with a road map of what you are learning so that you can practice

more efficiently at home.

Increased Focus &


Learning to defend yourself will give you a whole new sense of self-confidence. You will find that you are able to stay calmer under pressure, make better decisions, & have a

strong sense of self-assurance.

Self Defense Info
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